The Creator

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The Creator


Just as there are layers to the stories of Classy Savage, this bio is narrowly focused on wearing the hat of artist explaining conception through inception of a collection opposed to changing direction.  Without emerging from nothing, it should also justify pricing that has yet to be set in stone.  Follow the links to affiliated sites, read what is posted, and order the book for savage details.

Classy Savage was entirely conceived and created by Russell Rope who is not limited to both an established award-winning digital artist and alpha beast OG who embodies those phrases from crest to core.  Russell Rope is a most experienced "creator" who arguably also coined and influenced use of the word as a modern term on all platforms.  The professional and educational credentials dating back to childhood, as well as social media, can easily attest to these statements.

The real man and artist, never suffering from impostor syndrome, is truly one of the realest and a realist with an affinity for the surreal when it comes to paint on canvas to 3d space.  Russell Rope has artistic background on drawing that dates back to displaying advanced perspective in Kindergarten, which evolved to street art and design, and quickly transcended from paper to digital, interactive, multidimensional, generative, web, and entrepreneurship.

Through a lifelong educational and extracurricular career path focused on the convergence of technology, art, and media, all corresponding with having been born in the cusp of Generation X; cyberpunk, before Y Millennial ish, along with the rise of computing technology, this OG learned to do things the hard way with an extraordinarily impressive foundation encompassing the entire volume of the digital realm from anyone can create ai images from text, but not with an apetite for a bloody cow deep and r00ted to advanced electronics and binary logic.


The past decade have brought a roller-coaster of intellectual gains in parallel with extreme disruptions of literally every legal right and aspect of life.  Creative and technological expertise and mind over matters have been maintained as exhibited by this production, but everything has been significantly slowed by time necessarily diverted to learning and practicing the law in state and through all levels of federal court in pro per.  Priority was transitioned from creating and innovating to protecting assets and fighting liabilities such as the evil thieves abusing power at IT companies to cut marketing reach on repeat simultaneously attempting to devalue and exploit intellectual property with more assassination attempts than on communist dictator replaced by Robinhood in reverse before the inevitable win over every dimension of the multiverse.  Enter "Real Revolution" -- the publicized war against chains of delusional, narcissistic, falsely entitled, oppressive, cowardly dumbfucktards pulling strings of puppet-ass-clowns and obstructing justice.

The federal RICO lawsuit has been frozen in the Supreme Court of The United States for a couple of years, but trifecta of pro se petitions were filed recently and should change that. Nevertheless, another case is warm on the back-burner pending decision from SCOTUS, which will result in either amendment or filing anew in District Court. Needing a creative fix to offset the hyper-stressful situation, the creator just brought the OG to AI, which is nothing new to the ethical hacker who was programming AI for chess in C++ several lives ago. Having arisen at the same time as technological sabotage, NFTs and crypto seemed scammy and therefore neglected for the past decade aside from setting up a wallet for purpose of accepting all forms of payment. The original AI apps were weak, but then things evolved and perhaps now the time is right.


This project was not conceived in vain. There are no delusions of grandeur no fame and fortune expected. These images were not created by a single simple algorithm with slight variations mass produced for profits like the 95% of NFTs on the market which will never sell. The artist was simply mastering the art by pushing the limits of text to image AI image generation mostly using his long ago conceived classy savage lion as a test subject. The images started getting really good and then while visiting his parents, Russell showed his father what he was working on. For an old people, his parents are very tech savvy; paps invested in crypto and even collects NFTs, so he naturally suggested these creations would make for a legendary NFT collection.

Times have changed and there is much less artist attachment to AI or hybrid AI generated works designed specifically to be NFTs versus the probability of being exploited from stolen from in regards to previously putting 21-100 hours on digital art projects, so it was decided to create and launch a massive collection of classy savage, with merch, text, music, and everything deriving from hybrid OG generating AI crossed with OG mastering and marketed as a fundraiser for RR causes. While each NFT took significantly less time to create, they draw upon a lifetime of knowledge, cost a small chunk of change to produce and curate, and in the end hundreds of hours invested. Freedom is not free so please support this deep connection to the creativity and authenticity.



Autobiographical; Last Updated 12/31/23