The Story

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The Story

On a mountain in the heart of the urban jungle in the original version of the multiverse, existed an exclusive club like no other; Classy Savage. It wasn't merely a club; it was a gathering of the most ferocious, stylish, and cunning beasts in the realm. At the apex of this hierarchy was a brave lion, the undefeated champion of the intergalactic web, who went by the name King OG.

King OG was a sight to behold, a magnificent lion with a sleek mane that framed his handsome, yet battle-scarred face. His golden fur shimmered in the dim light of the VIP lounge, and the green in his eyes sparkled with a dangerously hypnotic charm that both bared it all and could see into your soul. Most often adorned in a perfectly tailored tuxedo with a silk bow tie, King OG stood as the epitome of elegance and raw power.

paint_a_lion_tigers_bears_an_eagle_gorillas_ (2)

The other notable members of Classy Savage were all extraordinary in their own rights. There was Razorbeak, a vicious bald eagle with a hooked beak and talons that could tear through steel. His wingspan was awe-inspiring. He carried an air of stealthy authority with vision that could gaze into the future.

Next in line was Snowstorm, a massive grizzly bear that put the infamous cocaine bear to shame. Her fur was not white, but her eyes gleamed with a mischievous glint. Snowstorm was known for an insatiable appetite for adventure and the thrill of the hunt; for food or sport.

Then came Shadow Claw, a mixed martial arts ninja assassin. His tiger style was swift and deadly, and his black-striped fur blended seamlessly with the shadows. In a world of predators, Shadow Claw was a force to be reckoned with.

Last but certainly not least was Reximus, the apex T-Rex of the Classy Savage. Towering over the others, Reximus was a living relic from a prehistoric era. His scales were a mix of earthy tones, and his sharp teeth glistened with menace. Despite his ancient lineage, Reximus had adapted to the modern world with surprising ease.


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Classy Savage hosted a variety of activities befitting their refined tastes. Needless to say these beasts are all incredibly strong. They often engage in both business and fitness by day, but the club has a connection arising from nuggets and nightlife.

The atmosphere was lit and buzzed with the clinking of glasses and the low hum of conversation, punctuated by occasional roars and screeches. Live musicians and other performers were often brought in for entertainment.  King OG, not that he always desired it, was always at the center of attention, holding court with his captivating presence.

Their pastimes included billiards and high-stakes card games where rare coins and precious gems were the ultimate currency. The air was thick with the aroma of exotic herbs as they indulged in the finest cannabis. An eclectic collection of fine art ranging from trippy graffiti to classics adorned the walls; a testament to their appreciation for the avant-garde.

Snowstorm often lounged on a bed of cushions talking or biting someone's head off while sipping from a cup of honey-infused mead. Razorbeak usually perched up with his sharp eyes scanning the room for any signs of trouble.  Shadow Claw always demonstrating his agility and martial prowess while roaming the grounds or training in a secluded corner where rhythmic sounds of claws breaking wind echoed through the night.


Amidst the chaos, Reximus stood regally, a towering presence that commanded respect. Always with an eye obviously watching over King OG, acknowledging the true leader of Classy Savage. They weren't just a group of savage beasts; they were a formidable alliance, bound by a shared love for macho activities, crypto deals, and the alluring world of NFT investments.

Classy Savage ruled the elite intergalactic social society with a blend of style, power, and a touch of madness. In this exclusive club, where the line between predator and prey blurred, King OG reigns as the true architect of perfection balancing good over a symphony of chaos orchestrated by evil that unfolds outside the lucrative entanglements of Classy Savage.

Authored by Hybrid ( Ai >< OG)
Updated 12/31/23