Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Classy Savage has a noble mission to emancipate rare and invaluable original genius ("OG") from the insidious clutches of oppression and exploitation hardly concealed by an illusion of privilege where the reality has no need for embellishment. In a world where genius is a scarce and precious commodity, incompetent opinions obstructing justice echoe like a broken record, and liberty is unlawfully held prisoner.

Through the creation and fundraising sales of original NFT art, prints, and apparel along with an interconnected marketing strategy, the classy endeavor to raise enough funds and awareness to ensure a most viable civil solution can be achieved, in so doing to break the chains that confine these extraordinary sparks of creativity.

paint_only_Lions_sitting_at_the_table_in_the_sty (3)

The first and possibly only collection is set to feature 999 digital artworks comprising a spectrum of mixed media NFTs minted on multiple platforms and only appearing on this site in its completeness.

Freedom is not free nor is a roof overhead and professional technology.  The goal is to raise as much money as possible for total creative independence, privacy, and security through the purchase of real estate to house a studio with cutting-edge creative technology, legal support if the creator's case goes back to district court, and to have enough resources to resurrect a comfortable lifestyle for however long it takes to achieve victory in the justice system.  This is the way.... to rise in success.

Crafted through a fusion of artificial intelligence and human mastery, this curation of digital masterpieces is not merely a celebration of art and ferocious beasts with dapper steez, but also a rallying cry for the liberation of intellect and strength cast to the shadows and trapped in time taking prisons of pain and frustation by delusional and envious fraudsters who could not otherwise contend with the naturally sweet disposition of an apex OG.

The term OG transcends a mere acronym; it symbolizes rare brilliance residing within select individuals, usually those with a savage side that has been stunted by inequality in an unjust trap system, but who also possess the class to and tact to beat the odds by the rules while rising above the rest. Classy Savage champions the cause of "Free The OG" while envisioning a world where genius is cherished, justice prevails, and liberty is the birthright of every individual.

paint_a_savage_scene_of_bloody_Lion_in_a_torn_tu (2)
paint_an_alec_monopoly_man_styled_lion_in_an_epi (17)

Authored by Hybrid ( Ai >< OG)
Updated 12/31/23

Classy Savage recognizes the rarity of true genius and the injustice inherent in its suppression.  One person can and has changed the world, but saving the planet is much more difficult, and it is much easier to destroy than create, so we need band together and support genius with generosity for greater impact.  Beyond the digital canvas, we extend our commitment to addressing the pressing issues of our time.  Resources are channeled towards environmental causes and humanitarian efforts, aligning with the conviction that the rarest of gifts must be nurtured in a world that needs justice and values all lives, including that of the planet and even those which the savage must consume for protein, humor, or karma.

Join us in this crusade to liberate the exceptional creator so that we may also extend more efforts to the bigger picture being Earth above the beyond.  Together, let us dismantle the facade of false entitlements, fake news, and social media lies by ensuring justice prevails and the light of liberty shines brightly for everyone including those whose brilliance has long been obscured. Classy Savage is not just an art collection; it is a movement for precious, ingenious, and justice.