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In the heart of the hood where the streets run wild,
Lived a young OG who was once as a child.
Raised on the block, in the heat of the game,
OG hustled hard, chasing fortune more than fame.

From the corner to the courtroom, he made his way,
Turning street smarts into legal play.
With a mind sharp as a knife, and a heart made of gold,
OG rose from gutter to all the way up, stories to behold.

But don’t get it twisted, he kept his roots,
Kept the hood pass in tact, after paying dues.
Thuggish ruggish to the core, but with a clean slate,
OG ran the tight rope between love and above hate.

From the streets to the suites, he made his name,
A king in the making, lit and fueled like flame.
With every move he made, he stayed true,
To the OG within, no matter what he’d do.

So here’s to King OG, from the block to the throne,
A journey of triumph, a story all in & on his own.
With hustle and heart, he paved the way,
From OG to king, residual crypto pay.


Story 97.24% Rhymed by Ai via Short Text Prompt